Stata .ado files:

A big part of my job is to use stata to analyse datasets. Sometimes I make that easier for myself by writing an .ado file to automate certain tasks.

Here is tabmat.ado: an ado file that outputs the result of a "tab" command as a matrix (easier to export to excel with putexcel).

And here is tsmat.ado: another ado file that outputs the result of "tabstat" command as a matrix.

Notepad++ theme for STATA

A good color scheme helps me a lot with coding. This is what my custom np++ scheme looks like:


You can download it here.

If you want to learn how to run stata directly from Notepad++, check out Friedrich Huebler's exellent scripts.

I've now migrated to mac. My favorite editor is atom, but I haven't gotten around to making my custom theme yet. The stata-exec package will let you run stata straight from atom. Great stuff!

Causal Inference "Methods Roadmap"

It's just a rough guide, don't take it too seriously:

Materials for R training